More details emerge about the attack on AOL's "Extreme Fans" area. Text at Keyword "RotoZone" was changed in thirteen places -- and the final line in the screen included a profanity-laced insult to AOL's security.

The attacker inserted their name into the headlines...

"K1NG is traded to the American League."

"K1NG gets traded back to the national league."

"K1NG is inducted into the hall of fame.

Maybe he took the area's slogan too literally. It's banner ad announced that RotoZone was "where your fantasy comes true."

An attacker named K1NG also took credit for the defacing of AOL's PC Hardware forum two days earlier. AOL repaired the content area -- but they were apparently unable to stop K1NG's next attack. The main screen for the Extreme Fans area was also re-named...


"Warez" -- a hacker term for pirated (or hacking) software -- became the new topic...

The pre-Halloween attack marks the 25th content area to fall to vandals since this Spring.

Other Recent Hacks

The Hub (3/31/97)
GameWiz (4/4/97)
GameWiz (Again!)(4/25/97)
FTP sites of several AOL employees (4/26/97 through 4/28/97)
The New York Times (4/29/97)
AOL Glossary (5/9/97 through 5/23/97)
Stats Store (5/17/97 through 5/19/97)
Thrive (6/12/97 through 6/13/97)
Kids Kicks (6/19/97 through....)
Fantasy Realm 6/23/97 through....)
Academic Assistance Center 6/29/97)
Spin magazine(8/10/97)
Digital Cities San Diego(8/16/97)
Business Week(9/18/97)
Geraldo Rivera(10/3/97 through 10/4/97)
Jewish Community
ABC KidZine
Steve Case's Update
Lifestyles channel
AOL Live
PC Hardware forum
Extreme Fans

In addition, hackers hit AOL's Court TV area last November.