An alert user forwarded the screen shot below, taken from AOL's "GameWIZ" area Friday morning shortly before 9 a.m. PST.

The hacker apparently scrawled a message for AOL's "Vice President of Integrity Assurance," Tatiana Gau. In correspondence with the author of the "Why AOL Sucks" page, the hacker took credit for an earlier attack on the same area--in which a second message for the Security Chief had also been provided. (Click here to see a screen-shot of the earlier incident.)

Again, this is not the first time AOL content areas have been hacked. Four days before keyword GameWIZ was attacked, AOL's high-profile youth-oriented site, "The Hub", received a visit from hackers.
And in November, C|Net reported that hackers had vandalized AOL's "CourtTV" area, adding their own pop-up screen with cryptic messages.