AOL's "Extreme Fans" area -- at keyword "Fans" -- was re-named Tuesday night.


"Warez" -- a hacker term for pirated (or hacking) software -- became the new topic for the area.

AOL is systematically losing control of their content. At least 24 areas have found their text re-written by on-line vandals, with profanity, taunts, and other unauthorized messages replacing AOL's original text. Ten areas have been hit in the last month. And in K1NG's earlier attack on AOL's PC Hardware area, 13 different lines of text were altered.

It's ironic, because AOL hopes to generate revenue from their original content--yet they can't guarantee it's final form! Though AOL displayed a pointer to AOL's "Comedy Clinic" across from the attacked screen, some users might find it morbidly fascinating to linger over the grafitti'd screen instead.

AOL also sells advertisers the right to place ads in front of AOL's subscribers--reserving for themselves the right to determine what users will see. Other subscribers have complained AOL even seizes control of their system when they log off -- requiring them to endure 20-minute downloads of artwork for AOL's channels. One angry subscriber felt AOL's arrogant policies suggested a new slogan:

"You're so easy to use, no wonder we're number one."

But as AOL loses control of their content, their ownership of subscribers is challenged, too. The entire width of the "Extreme Fans" screen was taken up with a new announcement.


Other Recent Hacks

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Extreme Fans

In addition, hackers hit AOL's Court TV area last November.