A hacker stuck files with names like "you_have_been_hacked" into 14 AOL FTP sites April 25--most of them belonging to AOL employees. "A major security flaw in AOL FTP servers has enabled me to hack the FTP directories of many AOL staff," they told the AOL List. "In fact I could hack the directory of ANY AOL MEMBER if I wanted!" As proof, they sent a list of 14 FTP sites, which included those belonging to AOL Mail System Development Manager Jay Levitt, Terms of Service manager Pete Hypolite, the manager of the Guide program, and "TOS Advisor". [Most of the files remained until the morning of April 28.]

AOL's Terms of Service advisor is charged with maintaining AOL's rules on decent language--so hackers hit ftp://members.aol.com/tosadvisor, installing files with obscene names (as depicted in the screen-shot below.)

Friday morning, hackers also hit AOL Keyword "GameWIZ." Click here for details.