Actual choices for AOL's "Hub" channel
The Hot Button. Download Mr. December.

Live girl: the naked truth about men and women

Sex talk with Dr. Judy: Advice from a top therapist

Even the Welcome screen ad for AOL's "Digital City" read "CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION? You haven't seen our People & Personals!

The Hub's only non-sexual choice was "Tarot to go: Get your fortune told online".

Messages from AOL's Welcome screen are only slightly more promising...

Toons are Tops! Find Astro, Scooby & Dino in the Cartoon Network.

Actor Gary Coleman. In Celebrity Circle.

TEN HUT: Arm your mind. Air your views. Military City Online.

That last area is dedicated to life in the military. Its welcome screen sends out mixed signals...

Support our deployed troops this Thanksgiving.
Discuss the latest news, like the misconduct at Aberdeen...
The whole "Welcome Screen" idea is a naked ploy to get users to spend more time online. As a blatant revenue-generating device, members signing on are met with loaded questions.

Illegal Alien Deportation - Digital City asks: Cruelty or Good Riddance?

Is Odwalla using the e-coli scare to put competitors out of business? Sound Off!

PROSTITUTION! Right or wrong? Vote in the Digital City SF Insta-poll

SOUND OFF! OJ's 2nd day of testimony. Do you believe him? Do you CARE?

Al Davis says RAIDERS WOES are Oakland's fault. Sound Off in Digital.

Yet despite AOL's busy signals, they keep exhorting users to spend more time online. The day AOL switched to flat-rate pricing, I decided to check out the chat room "Lobby".

	Town Square - Lobby 249
	~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~
	DinaGram:	Hi
	Jinkeze33:	Dina?
	TShea52578:	hello????????????????
	Jinkeze33:	Hello
	DinaGram:	how are you?
	Tedybear26:	hey
	ATleins69:	who da fuck likes RAP
	TShea52578:	what's up
	DinaGram:	i don't
	Jinkeze33:	Nothin
	Jinkeze33:	I don't either

Ah, life on AOL. But that was a generic chat room. A week later, I decided I might have better luck if I tried the David Letterman chat room in AOL's new "Late Show" area...
	FSTICK69:	it doesn't stand for fishstick
	Brazthetar:	he
	Brazthetar:	he
	Brazthetar:	he
	AGO 42:		i figured that
	Filter769:	fart stick
	Approximat:	heehee
	Brazthetar:	dats wut i tot
	Filter769:	you are
	Filter769:	wow
	FSTICK69:	f---stick69
	Filter769:	fart stick
Now I understand this welcome screen message from August 10:

Is drooling ever in good taste? Spit it out in this week's Fab Fact.

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