Analysts told Wired News AOL may have paid between $3 and $6 million for the most egregious product placement in history -- "You've Got Mail", the movie. The editors of Yahoo! Internet Life believed this would hobble the interent love story. ("It all takes place on AOL. And how glamorous is that?") And the movie's producers have apparently overlooked the fact that not everyone likes AOL. There's a reason AOL has millions of ex-subscribers....

As the film's premiere approaches, AOL Watch would like to remind readers that when it comes to picking an on-line service -- or to picking a movie to go see this Christmas -- "You've Got...better options."

Top Ten Better Names For The Movie "You've Got Mail"

Dialtone-less in Seattle

A Busy Signal of Their Own

The Money Pit

Saving Meg Ryan

Joe vs. The Really Bad Online Service


Bonfire of the Floppy Disks

That Thing You Dial

Bosom Buddy-List

And the number one name for the AOL movie.


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