Part II:
"I am curently an AOL Tech -- Shedding Light"
Why Techs Cannot Help Members With Problems

AOL techs are provided with little more than members when it comes to system problems. Often, we hear about actual causes of problems from other sources before being informed by our own support teams. In other words, we are given the same run around that members receive when they inquire about system issues.

For example - recent internet mail delays caused by a botched AOL mail system update - We were never told about this until days after the incident. We knew instinctively what had happened but were not given an answer. We ask the same questions members ask all the time but we know 95% of the time answers will never come.

Keyword suggestion is a trashcan - email techs at the AOL Call Center in Jacksonville Florida ( 1 Imeson Blvd ) answer these suggestions with a canned answer that states basically - " Thank you for your recent suggestion...blah has been forwarded to the appropriate department for consideration....blah blah "

Steve Case Email - is answered by the same canned answer techs. None of it ever even gets close to someone who really has any power.

Steve Case Phone Calls - are answered by techs in the Jacksonville call center...and never really receive any attention at all.

Most of the techs that have been hired over the past year have NO previous experience (What can a company get for $7.00/hour and no benefits?)

Submitted by an AOL tech who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous

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