I Am Curently An AOL Tech -- Shedding Light

"I have been employed by AOL as a tech support rep for over a year. America Online is by far (like you already don't know this) one of the worst managed companies ever to emerge into the corporate limelight."

The reason I am writing is to try and shed light on what I can, namely AOL technical support. Many people feel that AOL's technical support has been declining in quality and honesty for quite some time. Those that feel that way are absolutely correct and there are many reasons for this.

One major reason is AOL's practice of driving the fairly ( when compared to the tech support industry as a whole ) competent techs out of the company by reducing benefits and raises. In fact, recently one manager told me that the turnover rate at AOL call centers is about %15 per month. A rate much higher than convenient store chains attain.

Over the past year AOL has taken to the practice of hiring mostly part time employees from temp agencies and we all know what that does to quality. The number one reason why techs leave AOL is that the total compensation for working as an AOL tech just sucks. Pay starts at $7.00/hour and does not go far from there.

When I was first employed by AOL most of the techs had quite a bit of troubleshooting experience professionally or as hobbyists and in fact about half of the techs then employed at AOL ran local BBSs. This situation did not last long because AOL insists on cutting employee benefits/bonuses/raises...etc etc etc. The cleaning crews and security people at AOL call centers make more than techs do.

Submitted by an AOL tech who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous

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