The following articles document AOL's history with child pornography and pedophiles.

Associated Press story on nationwide FBI raids on the homes of America Online's child pornography traders.

San Francisco Chronicle technology columnist links AOL's pedophile problem to their user policies.

The hacker who wrote "AOHell" tells why he created the program partly in response to AOL's stance on child pornography.

Related Cincinnati Enquirer article about FBI investigation into child pornography on America Online.

Phoenix Gazette article describing the selling of child pornography over America Online and downloading from AOL file libraries.

New Jersey Ledger article detailing the conviction of an America Online pedophile for sex with a 13-year-old.

Excerpt from 1991 Newsweek article on AOL's early experiences with child pornography.

Testimony by journalist Barry Crimmins before the U.S. Congress on July 24, 1995 regarding America Online and child pornography.

Documents entered to support Barry Crimmins' testimony before Congress

Barry Crimmins' Boston Phoenix Article describing testifying before Congress and his confrontation with AOL's legal counsel.

Speech by child rights advocate Barry Crimmins, who later forwarded child pornography to federal investigators tracking traders on AOL.

"Citizen Crimmins"--alternative newsweeklies account of Crimmin's war against AOL

Letter from AOL CEO Steve Case to members touching on the issue of child pornography.

Lawsuit filed by a Florida mother alleging AOL aided in the trading of pornographic videotapes of her 11-year-old son.1

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