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Got creative uses for those Pesky Online Disks?

Byte magazine recently became the third magazine to jump on the bandwagon and run a story about alternate uses for an AOL free-trial floppy disk.

Byte's Top 10 Users for Free AOL Disks

10. Bookmark in Sex for Dummies
9. Back up that XT 10-MB drive
8. Include in next chain letter
7. Keep shirt pocket flat when ironing
6. Scrape gum off sneaker
5. A stack of five makes a great doorstop
4. Bathtub plug
3. Wedge legs on wobbly tables
2. Jimmy doors open without damaging credit cards
1. Coaster

Internet Underground's May cover dramatizes the free-trial floppy disk glut. The magazine solicits reader suggestions in a contest for alternate uses of the omnipresent disks.

Ironically, Boardwatch magazine ran an identical contest in the second half of a monthly column last winter. A San Francisco Chronicle columnist reported that AOL is the world's second largest consumer of floppy disks, behind only Microsoft, and an industry trade publication reported that AOL is spending $93.00 in marketing for each member added.

To conceal this aggressive marketing, AOL has been telling the public the amount spent per subscriber is half that amount. AOL's free-trial disk culture fueled the growth of its hacker subpopulation. A contributing factor: AOL chose not to verify the authenticity of credit card numbers input to activate free-trial accounts on their system until September of 1995. This enabled a population of "disk dancers" to network at AOL's expense, swapping tips in AOL's hacker chat rooms, which ultimately led to the successful heist of the CEO's e-mail.

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