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"For the moment, try to understand, cowboys and cowgirls, that you're actually worth a lot more than what our sad sexual culture is trying to sell you out for..."

Harvard's chaplain responds to the launch of a sex magazine by Harvard students. The mother of one of the editors -- a Swiss psychotherapist - takes a different view.

"Youngsters today, particularly those who go to Harvard, spend most of their time developing their minds and careers, and are told very little of value about the emotional and the sexual."

The magazine itself offers this defense. "If H Bomb has a philosophy (beyond a simple and naive wish to just exist), it is that somewhere beyond porn and esoteric scholarly inquiry there is a happy medium."

And the flash intro to their web site contributes this song by the band Custom.

Hey mister, I really like your daughter
I'd like to eat her like ice cream, maybe dip her in chocolate...

8:31 PM