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June 29

Ha! You all thought I was crazy! But there is a band called "The Nutty Squirrels." Dancers interpreted their 1958 classic "Uh-Oh, Part 2" on the Frank Sinatra Timex Show!

So I'm not crazy! They even recorded a song with jazz legend Cannonball Adderly. They had their own TV show before the Chipmunks! Click here to hear the wackiest song you've ever heard.

Squirrels! Singing jazz!!! Listen to the squirrels!!!!!! Listen to the squirrels!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I've proven who's crazy NOW...

As long as I'm on the subject, here's a history of the "rodent music" craze that's entertaining, if also somewhat suspect -- from "Scram" magazine...

And here's a link that's hard to resist. WMFU is the home of my favorite radio show, "Incorrect Music". They also broadcast a hip show with weird children's music called Greasy Kid Stuff. ("Hi- Fi...for Small Fry.")

For Groundhog Day, they assembled a special program of rodent songs...

You can tell everybody in the neighborhood
that I'm a bad animal,
that I'm no good.
Well you can blame all the rain and the snow on me,
it's not my fault.
Why don't you see.
I am a groundhog, and it's my day.
I am a groundhog, and it's my day....

If you listen long enough, you'll eventually hear four "Nutty Squirrels" songs in their entirety -- including a groovy cover of the Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love"

7:17 PM