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Summary of the action so far.

The Hacker vs. AOL: The Tale of how America Online Screwed Me Over...and of My Revenge!

The Hacker: Ahh!
AOL: Ha ha ha! You are gone! Haa ha ha!
The Hacker: For four months I have evaded you. Do not think I will go quietly!
AOL: Oh, don't scare me! Ha, you think you are tough, huh?
AOL: No! He knocked me off the page!
The Hacker: Now I'm mad!
AOL: Oh god no!
The Hacker: Hiyaa!
AOL: Ouch! Off the page again!
The Hacker: Die!
AOL: Not so fast! It will take more than just you to destroy me and my legion of vigilante guides!!
The Hacker: "Holy Sh-!
AOL: Destroy him, Guide Bob!
Guide Bob: Roar!
The Hacker: Noooooooo!
AOL: Ha ha ha!

(Cut to the hacker's gravesite)

Hacker Friend 1: Pain! They will feel pain!
Hacker Friend 2: Those bastards will pay for this
Hacker Friend 3: Hee hee! They will die! Yesss!
Hacker Friend 4: I'll blast 'em with my big guns!

Can the hacker's friends avenge him? Find out in the next action-packed episode: the revenge!

Part V

Comic courtesy of a hacker who wishes to remain unnamed

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