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The do's and don'ts of stolen Overhead Accounts. (Taken from the web page created by the author of "Hacker Comics".)

Oh yeah, one more thing...QUIT ASKING PEOPLE TO GIVE YOU OH'S!!! I really hate that. No one would be foolish enough to give up an OH, for any reason. Don't ask for 'em and don't tell anyone that you have one.

[Presented as evidence of a hacker presence on AOL.]

More information, including "How to get an OH", comments about hackers from an angry staffer, internal newsletters, links, overhead account keywords and information on "Master.AOL" files, was also displayed on the original web page.

Can the hacker's friends avenge him?

Find out in the next action-packed episode:
the Revenge!

Part IV

Comic courtesy of a hacker who wishes to remain unnamed

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