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Date: November 15, 1995
Time: 8:30 am
Where: Los Angeles Municipal Court, Valley Division #125
       14340 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys California 91401
Case: #496069

Plaintiff: Stanley M. Parker
           E-Mail Contact: TediBear@Westworld.com

Defendant: America Online Incorporated,
           8619 Westwood Center Drive
           Vienna , VA 22182-2285
           (703) 448-8700

Subject: Hearing on Motion to Vacate Judgment against AOL

Los Angeles Municipal Court Commissioner Kirkland Nyby denies 
the motion to vacate the $470.70 judgment won by Mr. Stanley 
Parker as a refund of over charges in a billing scheme that 
has bilked customers out of an estimated 50 million dollars 
over the last two years.

America Online stated in their motion, "that no AOL 
representative could travel from Vienna, VA on September 25, 
1995." Commissioner Nyby asked the AOL attorney if he was the 
representative from Virginia? When the attorney replied "No,"
Commissioner Nyby said "Motion denied, next case." Both the 
AOL attorney and Mr. Parker stood there stunned. Apparently 
Commissioner Nyby has seen to many AOL commercials or has seen 
this ploy before.

Mr. Parker can be contacted via at "TediBear@Westworld.com"

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             For Immediate Release
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