AOL's software appears on the Celene Dion CD containing the "Titanic" theme. One AOL Watch reader reports...

Since writing this, I've received mail from all over with the same concerns. Not only was the CD altered (no notice) with the AOL advertising, but you have to go through a small upgrade when you sign on to AOL after you've used the music CD. I, personally, would never purchase a music CD that couldn't be played exactly the same way on my home stereo as on my stereo PC.

By all means...please tell everyone you can !! Requesting a new CD from Sony is just a start. E-mail Celine Deon that her music and talents are being exploited.


WHAT CORPORATE POWER !! Many of my computer customers (Computer Upgrade Centers-Madison, WI) are calling to notify, complain and just vent their outrage that Sony Music Corporation has put America On Line (AOL) advertising on the new Celine Dion music CD "Let's Talk About Love".

This CD with the title tracks for the movie "Titanic" if played on a home stereo CD player will go unnoticed of any differences but put that CD disk in your computer and it doesn't automatically play music through your PC's speakers. Rather, it starts loading software on your PC while beginning advertising for "50 Free Hours of AOL". Just what I always wanted.

Apparently, the 10,000,000 plus subscriber base isn't large enough. Couldn't this be some sort of "subliminal advertising"??? There is no notice on the outside packaging and a small insert sheet inside that, basically says, AOL is offering a 50 hour trial. They do not, however, tell you that your computer will not play the music the way it is intended to be and that you need to go here, go there, click on this and do that in order to enjoy Celine's fine music.

More freedom of choice gone?? Not if we do something about this before these forced ads are on EVERY music CD.

Irrate with the rest of my customers
Bob La Due

UPDATE: Sony Music Corporation will send a free, new (audio only) Celine Dion "Let's Talk About Love" CD to anyone who wishes to use the music CD on their computer without all the hassles. Contact Sony Music at and complain !!