An angry AOL Watch reader e-mailed their complaints to Steve Case. ("your service sux", the e-mail began...)

They received a humorous form letter from Steve Case's office, pleading that AOL was still "in transition" (after fifteen months of upgrades...)

your service sux... i have been sitting here for an hour just trying to read my mail but AOL is currently unable to list mail...well that is f*ucking horrible for an ISP and it is almost always like this and now you want to rase your rates... i hope you lose your shirts

hope you choke on a roll of quarters

BTY while trying to send you this mail AOL was unable to send it. gee i really think this cruddy service is worth the rate increase

From: Steve Case (
Subject: your service sucks
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 08:58:47 EST
Organization: AOL (

I am responding to your recent message on behalf of Steve Case. Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

We truly regret that you are continuing to experience system problems with AOL. We hope you understand that we have been in a period of transition since implementing our unlimited pricing structure in December, 1996. Unfortunately, the upgrades to our system take time to implement, and can not be fixed immediately.

We realize this offers little consolation in light of the frustration you are experiencing with your current level of service. Please know that the problems you are encountering are being worked on (literally) around the clock. We do have, and are using, our resources to resolve these problems by continuing to expand access, and by implementing both hardware and software upgrades.

Once again, we realize that it is extremely frustrating not to have optimal service connections. We appreciate your patience while we continue to upgrade our current system.

Please let us know if we can be of any future assistance.


J. McKinney
Office of the Chairman

"A staff of two dozen people read his e-mail," the New York Times reported recently.