It's AOL's waterloo -- the Great Content Exodus.

USA Weekend
Discovery Channel
House of Blues
Animated GIF Company
NeverWinter Nights
Pictures of the World

All of these content providers -- and more -- have left AOL. Many cite declining revenue --but others were driven out by AOL's onerous demand for a $55,000 tribute to retain their position on the service. After years of loyally providing content, many content providers realized they could just as easily do business on the web.

But the break-ups were stormy. Some complain AOL didn't allow them pointers to their new location. Customers trying to access USA Weekend, Atlantic, Animated GIF Company, Newsbytes, Discovery Channel, Answerman, or NeverWinter Nights are simply told that the keyword doesn't exist.

Other content providers received special treatment. Ambrosia software received a pointer to their web site...

As did House of Blues and Pictures of the World.

Keyword "Wired" simply pulls up AOL's web browser, pointing to . But keyword Omni received special attention. AOL has concealed their browser, so it appears that Omni magazine is still an AOL content area!

(Omni is aware of the arrangement--but it's prominent display must rankle AOL's other content providers!)