An AOL Watch reader sends the following...

I have just become an "AOL hater". My son (age 16) got my AOL account revoked for accessing an "illegal chat room". He had allegedly accessed this chat room on multile occassions over the course of the past 6-9 months, and each time the "AOL police" booted him off-line with a warning. Each time this occured, the warning message claimed that a follow-up warning email message would be sent to him and the primary account holder/screen name - me. I never received any warnings as the primary account holder and my son claims he did not.

Last evening, I went to log on-line to check my email. Low and behold, I couldn't get access. After spending better than an hour being bounced around AOL's so-called customer service, I was finally given an 800 number to call to speak with a "CAT" team member (Customer Action Team). After being read the riot act and being made to feel like a common criminal, I was told that my account was canceled due to the alleged "violations". When I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, I was rudely told that none were available and it wouldn't do any good anyway, as each AOL employee is empowered to make decisions and their decision was to cancel my account.

Needless to say, I was fuming at this point and said a few chice words before hanging up on the idiot. I was most concerned about the hassles of getting a new service provider established and informing friends and business contacts of my new address.

If I could, I'd sue the idiots at AOL for the the inconvenience they put me hrough and for potential lost email I didn't have a chance to retrieve before they cut off my access. Anyway, thought you'd appreciate hearing this... just reinforces the purpose of your website.