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From: NO_UCEcujo@pacbell.net (Richard Maher)
Newsgroups: alt.aol-sucks,alt.online-service.america.online,alt.aol.rejects,alt.america.online
Subject: AOL hacker day ...was The TRUTH ABOUT Mimi Khan EXPOSED!
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 22:33:15 GMT
Organization: Very...

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997 21:05:06 GMT, njkahn@hooked.net (Mimi Kahn) wrote:

>On 14 Feb 1997 17:17:09 GMT, mcgatney@access.digex.net (DAwn,
>(hv)) wrote:
>> (In other news (sorry), isn't today the day that the hacker/ cracker
>> community has decreed to be AOL-Hell day?)
>I wonder if anything is actually happening over there. Where are the
>a.a-s regulars with AOL accounts? Inquiring minds want to know.

It was incredible...I dropped into the chat pits at 14:30 PST and the hackers had implemented some type of program that had turned every person on AOL, save me, into utter morons:

OnlineHost:	*** You are in "Town Square - Lobby 640". ***
Alovatak:	What's up?
D RAB 003:	nothin' much.  where from?
Alovatak:	Alabama
D RAB 003:	really?  im from Florida!
D RAB 003:	Pensacola
Alovatak:	cool. Ive been to Disney world a few times. Do you
live near there?
Leeko24:	helloo
Leeko24:	i do
D RAB 003:	nope.  have u ever heard of Pensacola, FL?
Alovatak:	nope.
D RAB 003:	its in the panhandle right near Alabama.  Mobile is an
hour away.
Alovatak:	cool. Do you have a boyfriend?
D RAB 003:	nope, but that's fine by me.  im not looking for one,
nor do i desire to have one at present
D RAB 003:	do u?
Alovatak:	not at the moment. my so called "best friend" was goin
out with him behind my back.
D RAB 003:	really? that's sad.  who was she going out with? your

OnlineHost:	*** You are in "Town Square - Lobby 661". ***
DBowers621:	why
ARN 40:	any teens here
JUGGY 001:	age/sex is stupid
DBowers621:	yes
Diddle7274:	yes
ARN 40:	age\sex check
JUGGY 001:	me?
BECK1597:	racecar
DBowers621:	14m
RevMansn8:	duh
ARN 40:	m 17
JUGGY 001:	thanx!
Diddle7274:	15/f
ARN 40:	Manson rules
BECK1597:	manson sucks
JUGGY 001:	222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
DBowers621:	what
RevMansn8:	If I cant have u then NO ONE will
ARN 40:	beck you suck
BECK1597:	3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
JUGGY 001:	who?
JUGGY 001:	333333333333333333
BECK1597:	4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
DBowers621:	stop
DBowers621:	p
DBowers621:	p
[8 more lines of the same]
ARN 40:	stop
DBowers621:	p
DBowers621:	p
DBowers621:	p
JUGGY 001:	Rev, who do you want?
BECK1597:	5
BECK1597:	55
[9 more lines of the same]
NoDoubtMS:	age/sex check?
BECK1597:	5
BECK1597:	5
[5 more lines of the same]
JUGGY 001:	NO!
ARN 40:	m 17
DBowers621:	14m
Keroppiaad:	15/f
JUGGY 001:	no more age/sex!
Diddle7274:	f 15
RevMansn8:	NoDoubt?yuk! What does MS stand for MY SCROTUM?
Keroppiaad:	15\f  white girl              15/f  black girl
RevMansn8:	?
JVinsonjr:	hello
JUGGY 001:	62
JUGGY 001:	+654
Diddle7274:	bye

OnlineHost:	*** You are in "Town Square - Lobby 655". ***
Kissalive8:	bye cow
MBerger19:	define a real lady for me sugar
PoloBEAR20:	Hey Whats up everybody
STP5171229:	hi
PoloBEAR20:	{S Welcome
Kissalive8:	anyone wanna talk about being alive ??
STP5171229:	wheres everyone from?
PoloBEAR20:	{S Hello
Kissalive8:	Detriot
MBerger19:	ruby whats a real lady
Ruby19790:	someone who knows how to have fun
PoloBEAR20:	Hey how come that didnt work??
MkWrd:	Greetings from San Francisco.
MBerger19:	what do you do to have fun
PoloBEAR20:	Does anyone Have any gifs?
Kissalive8:	{s welcome
MkWrd:	Hey Kissa!
Ruby19790:	:-)
Kissalive8:	{S WELCOME
Ruby19790:	:-)
PoloBEAR20:	Hey kissa
Kissalive8:	hello there
PoloBEAR20:	Lets get together and kissa

Rich Maher
(cujo) #aol-sucks (DALnet)
Amend return address to cujo@pacbell.net
To err is human, to forgive, canine.

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