Steve Case promised members they could stop AOL's pop-up ads at keyword "Marketing Preferences.

Members rushed to do just that on June 4 -- only to find it wasn't that easy....

"Tried to remove those pop-up ads. AOL won't let you. Try it yourself."

"When I try to change my marketing preferences, I get a screen that says Sorry, we cant process your request right now, too many pending -- no matter what time of day or night I try to do this."

"So I just read your newsletter, and went to marketing preferences because I had wondered why I suddenly got a pop-up ad the other day when I had specifically requested NO pop-ups six months ago. Guess what? When I got to the pop-up ad section of the marketing preferences and clicked the "no" box, hitting okay to set it froze my AOL software and I had to restart my computer -- this happened TWICE!

"So, I guess there really is no choice here. Your AOL software is not constitutionally capable of taking NO for an answer! I HATE THESE PEOPLE!"

"Wow, as an AOL member, I tried turning off all of the choices, and when I got to the "Pop-up" one, I got a hanging hourglass!

"It wouldn't even let me turn that one off! It's the only one that wouldn't work."

"I couldn't change my AOL Marketing Preferences due to a "host failed to respond due to too many requests..." mesage.

"Funny how things work at AOL."

"So AOL. And while the system fails to respond I am slapped with pop-ups as I enter to try and turn them off!!!! Ive been trying since 9am EST"

"This is beyond ridculous! and when i tried to turn off my marketing preffrences, it gave me the old "SYSTEM RESPONCE" message!"

"Made it through to pop-up preferences. Checked the "no" box, then I clicked on "ok"'.

It's been grinding away for the past five minutes."

"AOL won't take no for an answer! "I long ago set all my marketing preferences to "no", but since AOL has "improved" it's marketing preference area, I thought I should do it again just to make sure. "Unfortunately, AOL will not accept a request for no pop-up ads. I've been trying for two days, and can not get past the wait cursor. I've let it run for more than 10 minutes on two occasions, but AOL did not send an acknowledgment for the request or even generate a timeout. I can not set the pop-up preference for any screen name on my account, even the new one for which I had not yet set preferences.

"Perhaps AOL will economize by firing the department it currently employs to mishandle cancellations and provide a similarly "improved" online cancellation feature."

"I don't have AOL. And the keyword Marketing Preferences didn't work when I had it."

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