In February the Motley Fool announced they were leaving AOL's web-page hosting service, PrimeHost. But in fact, there's been a mass exodus.

Though their web page displays customer comments, PrimeHost's marketing effort skews reality. Dozens of those testimonials come from customers who have abandoned the service.

"It's Fantastic!!! It's just what we need!" Moved page to a CRL server.
"So far... so good! We really like AOLpress!" Moved page to server
"I like it...You guys have been good to me and I can't think of any other ISP that offers the kind of Site price and support. Keep it up!" Moved page to Web2010 server
"I love it!" Moved page to Earthlink server
"This is a great service... Moved page to Webserve server
"I think it's a pretty good deal...Being a very small business, I really like the ability to get on the WEB without bankrupting me." Moved page to Web2010 server
Bidworldİ as one of the first websites to pay their members knew we had to have server capacity. At PrimeHost we have that capacity in spades... If you bid, come visit us at Bidworld the fastest way to bid anything. Opening October 1st, 1996" Moved page to
"A very efficient and easy way to get on the internet." Moved page to server.
"[G]etting up and running ASAP was our first priority. The technical server support staff has done an excellent job to make that happen." Moved page to an Intelenet server.
"I've been with PrimeHost (formerly NaviService) since the early days and I love it. It's certainly the easiest way to get a database WWW site up and running." Moved page to server on
"Maintaining a Web site with AOLpress reduces an impossible task to one that is fun and easy!" Moved page to a Mindspring server.
"Solid, reliable service with knowledgeable tech support." Moved page to server.
I enjoy the ease of html design using NAVISOFT and NAVIPRESS.Your tech support folks are SUPER!" Moved page to Netcom server.
"I had alot of fun creating our web page. So much that I upgraded to the Commercial service. I want to add more to our site, and need more space. The more I get published, the more pages I think of that I want to add. " Moved page to
"They do make it easy to set up a Web Site. Friendly help is only a call away." Moved site to
"Excellent service and very useful software" Moved page to Netaxis server
"I love it! While I've learned a lot about HTML in the last few months, nothing matches the ease with which I can author and update pages." Moved page to Earthlink
"Great tools, and feel comfortable with the service support. Friendly staff supporting the phones in customer service."Moved page to Best server
"Makes it easy for a small business like mine to be more competative." Moved page to server
I strongly recommend PrimeHost to everyone who is seeking absolute reliability, speed and a technically well supported yet low-cost web hosting service. It is an "A Plus!" service which satisfies almost everyone who needs their own web pages. I never have to wait long on the tech support toll free line for courteous, friendly, masterly and well organized assistance. I started internet publishing from zero by utilizing PrimeHost services. PrimeHost has made it easy to start our Web Site Design and Maintenance business. Moved page to InfiNet server
"Excellent" Moved page to server
"PrimeHost is a great service. Their technical consultants are most helpful... Keep it up PrimeHost." Moved page to Earthlink server
"A good service at a very attractive price!" Moved page to Interpac server
"AOLpress and Primehost has allowed us to assemble a great site in a small amount of time." Moved page to
"PrimeHost continues to improve and solidify its position as the premier hosting service on the 'Net." Although it's easy enough for a beginner to use, it is packed with many professional features to help experienced users. Prime Host provides a professional presence on the net along with reliability and high speed." Moved page to Mindspring server
"I have been working with PrimeHost for almost a year. Inter-Ads Networking was one of PrimeHost's first custmers. We are very happy with the service, and sell web sites based on the fact that the PrimeHost server is one of the most reliable servers on the Internet. Inter-Ads has found no other server with the capacity of PrimeHost." Moved page to Bizserve server
"It's a great service, run by great people!" Moved page to server

In addition, the experience of many customers suggests that they've been poorly served by the corporation's technical support. Click here for part II: Primehost abandons customer support.