AOL recently required all their Community Leaders to sign a new "privacy policy". For one Community Leader, AOL's inability to honor his "Marketing Preferences" was the last straw...
"We are going the extra mile to ensure that this focus on protecting member privacy become an important part of the ongoing mindset across the company. Specifically, we are requiring all AOL employees, ACI employees and volunteers to electronically verify that they have read the privacy policy and will comply with its terms."

Quite frankly, I've never read a bigger bunch of two-faced, out and out bull- in my entire life. If you were so damned serious about "protecting privacy," why in the hell did you *automatically* expire my marketing preferences and give my name, phone number, address, and e-mail address to marketing organizations and telephone solictors?? Especially after I had *already* unequiviocally stated I did NOT want this information released by setting these preferences to "NO." Actually, I was surprised today when ALL of my screen names began receiving pop-up marketing messages WITHOUT any notice that these preferences were expiring. Checking those preferences, I found out that they had ALL automatically been reset to "YES."

Stop trying to make a buck by selling my (and other AOL members) *private* information to marketers!! I'll sign *YOUR* Privacy Policy when you agree to STOP releasing *MY* private information. Otherwise, go tell your little "privacy fairy tale" to somebody who might believe it.