AOL Watch commemorates Frank Sinatra by revisiting a Sinatra-related moment -- an on-line appearance by his daughter Nancy, three years ago in May of 1995.

This condensed version illustrates what happens when celebrities meet AOLers...

OnlineHost: NANCY Sinatra considers herself a progressive feminist.... By embracing the lyrics of songs reflecting world-weary sophistication about lost love and the defiant "I'll get over it" attitude, NANCY's rebellious, musical persona set her apart from other singers of the era.

CSEmcee2: Welcome to the Coliseum, Ms. Sinatra! We are happy to have you as our guest tonight!
NSinatra: Thanks...hi!
CSEmcee2: Are you ready to answer some questions from our audience?
NSinatra: Yes!
CSEmcee2: We will begin now.
Question: Did you pose in PLAYBOY for the money or for the publicity?

[Should've seen that one coming....]

NSinatra: I needed to jump start my comeback.
Question: Nancy, what was it like to actually pose nude in PLAYBOY? Were you nervous, or did it come easy?
NSinatra: It was so scary, for me anyway, because I had never done anything like that before! But once we got into it, the people at PLAYBOY make you feel so comfortable that the nervousness goes away. The photographer and his two assistants who are men are really quite a distance away from the set, and the only people who touch the model are women. If the photographer has a request for a change of clothing or a change of prop, he asks the stylist or the makeup woman to make the change.
Question: Will you sign my copy of PLAYBOY?
NSinatra: Yes, I will. Send it to my fan club address: Bootleggers,
P.O. Box 10236, Beverly Hills, CA 90213. Please send me a stamped, self-addressed return envelope. :)
Question: Ask Nancy why she waited so long to do a pictorial.
NSinatra: Because I didn't have the courage before now.
Question: What is the most frequent comment you get about your appearance in PLAYBOY? NSinatra: Thanks for striking a blow for middle-aged women!
Question: How old are you?
NSinatra: 54.
Question: Hi Nancy. I loved your pictorial in PLAYBOY. I wanted to know if you liked doing it as well as you like singing?
NSinatra: You know, posing for a still camera is my least favorite thing to do. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes!
Question: Nancy, you're a lot older than I am, being only 15, but you are very attractive. How do you keep your good looks? You're over 50, aren't you?
NSinatra: Yes I am, and thank you. I think it has to do with what you put in your body. Stay away from bad stuff! Eat in moderation, eat the things you want, but just small portions.
Question: How do you stay in such good shape?
NSinatra: Thank you very much...I have good genes...and good jeans! Spandex does wonders!

What else is there to talk to Nancy Sinatra about? Besides this...

Question: Hey, Nancy, you still got the real boots?
NSinatra: You know, I gave them to the auction for charity years ago.
Question: Nancy, so just what size boots do you wear while walking?
NSinatra: 6 1/2.

Could be worse....

Question: Hello Barbarella, nice to see you again. When are you going to do another movie?
NSinatra: Thanks for the compliment, but I think you're thinking about Jane Fonda. As far as another movie goes, I didn't like myself in the ones I did.

Question: Nancy, I weigh 436 pounds. What would you suggest I do to lose weight?
NSinatra: I guess the first thing would be, talk to your doctor. The second thing, I think, would be to really reach into your soul and find some discipline. And as soon as possible, try to walk. I'll be praying for you.

For those of you playing along at home, the name of Nancy's movie was "Speedway", with Elvis Presley.

There was only one good question:

Question: Nancy, is it true that your father is in the Mob?

Her answer was 'no'...

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