"David Cassel is the only journalist chronicling
the decline and fall of the AOL empire."
-- Jeff Schult

"I don't like AOL because they lie -- and
use corrupt business practices, like selling
people's names and addresses for telemarketers,
and forcing ads on you when you sign on."

-- Kevin O'Hallaron.

"I hate AOL because it's slow and stupid." -- Ryan McDonough

"I like 'The AOL List' because it just doesn't say 'AOL Sucks' but it tells WHY it sucks!" -- Adam Price

"On various days, they have denied me access to the WORLD WIDE WEB and have denied me the ability to send E-MAIL -- two basic parts of an internet service." -- Mike Ferrarella

"When AOL wants a problem to be 'hush-hush',
The AOL List is always there to announce it, to
thousands of people nationwide."
-- Webmaster, "Inside AOL"

"I go every morning with my coffee..." -- Rod Hilton

"With an online service like AOL, always making mistakes, you can count on The AOL List to let you know each and every one of them."-- Dr. Ill