A reader of the AOL List sends the following message...

What follows is the reason AOL guide KParrot filed a TOS violation against me for "message board disruption". I posted this joke in the MHM area:

Q: How many AOL employees does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: I am responding to your letter on behalf of Steve Case. Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

We appreciate your interest in our new premium lightbulb service on the AOL Lightbulb Channel. We know that, for you and many other members, lightbulbs are an important part of the AOL experience.

For detailed information on the premium lightbulb service, please go to keyword: LIGHTBULB.

I am sorry that you are disappointed that some of our new lightbulbs will be offered as part of a new premium lightbulb service. However, by offering a new premium service, we will be able to bring the best lightbulbs in the world to our members.

In order for the industry to flourish, it needs to have a viable economic model - just as with any industry. To ensure that lightbulb developers receive the level of investment required to continue to create great lightbulbs, these lightbulbs need to be offered as a premium service. Also, you will find that AOL is not alone in making this decision. Premium lightbulb services are quickly becoming the norm throughout cyberspace. As was noted in WorldPlay's announcement, other ISPs will be providing WorldPlay lightbulbs as premium services as well.

We are committed to making the lighbulb experience even better for you by also bringing you the state-of-the-art in the lightbulb industry's next big wave - online multiuser lightbulbs. By putting them on AOL, we are making it easy and convenient for you to share the fun and excitement with family, friends and lightbulb partners around the world.

As you know, WorldPlay and other lightbulb developers invest heavily, to produce the best lightbulbs you can find anywhere. Lightbulbs online have longer life, and can be updated more easily, to offer a much larger community than CD-rom versions bought at the store.

Thousands of members have beta-tested some of our new lightbulbs and have given us great feedback. Members can try our new premium lightbulbs on the Lightbulb Channel during this month-long free trial period. We believe you will find the higher level of enjoyment and excitement worth it.

Again, thank you for writing.


Donald M.
Office of the Chairman