We've moved!
The good guys at Lithium Node would like to extend an apology to all of our site-goers for any inconvenience this down time might cause. If you are asking why the site is currently unavailable, that should be pr etty self explanatory. I will however, explain.

For a reason unbeknownst to us, the great "Dr. iLL" decided that he didn't like our site, and wanted us shut down. Why? We aren't quite sure. Is it for posting the truth about him? Or is it simply because our site contains not only great content, but useful information, rather than simply showing some pretty pictures of staff areas?
We will probably never know. Regardless, if you would like to continue to view our work, please change your bookmark to http://www.lithiumnode.com. This will be acting as a mirror site, either temporarily, or permanently, depending on America Online's (our hosting service) decision on whether or not to keep our page in their system.< br>

If in fact Dr. iLL did NOT perform these unscrupulous actions, then we apologize for falsely accusing him. Where do we get our information from? Him running around in aol rooms screaming "I killed li-node.com". .. a bit insecure? We think so...

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