"The AOL settlement
is far from a done deal

although both AOL and the plantiff's lawyers would like you to think so."

....this Court finds for the purposes of settlement only that this Action meets all of the prerequisites of Section 382 of the California Code of Civil Procedure.

...reject the deal
and fire those lawyers.

David Hakala
Editor of Boardwatch

Last week, the fees were changed to $20 per month for 20 hours of connect time, which values each hour given away under the settlement at $1.


"...you will fully, finally, and forever release, relinquish and discharge any and all claims, rights (including rights to reimbursement or restitution), demands, actions, causes of action, suits, matters, issues, debts, liens, contracts, liabilities, agreements, costs, expenses or losses of any nature, known or unknown, against America Online."

Class Action Settlement
Proposed Terms