Douglas Kuntz, an AOL community leader, was told he couldn't enter his surname into his AOL profile.

It's the latest embarrassment for AOL's robo-filter. After slashing prices, AOL found it needed to save money, so user profiles were checked for profanity by a piece of software before being displayed. The non-human touch brought errors.

This isn't the first instance. In 1996, AOL's Scunthorpe filter prevented the residents of a U.K. town from completing AOL's registration process. The town's name -- Scunthorpe -- was rejected as an obscenity, and AOL's technical support staff suggested they claim residency in "Sconthorpe" until the program could be adjusted.

Breast cancer survivors found they were also obscene for identifying their affliction. The word "breast" caused AOL to delete their profiles -- and AOL only reversed their policy after unfavorable coverage in the national press. Meanwhile, angry AOL members referred to their disease as "hooter cancer" -- and presumably looked for a different on-line service.

Now AOL's roving robots have claimed another class of victim. Douglas Kuntz claims that 73 AOL users share his surname -- and will be unable to enter it into their member profiles.

Meanwhile, six user profiles containing the word "cunt" remain on-line, untouched by AOL's censors.

Name: Michael
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Still free
Computers: this beast
Hobbies: young Girls and beer. I like little girls in their little panties and nasty chats about the little
cunts. Oh and beer
Occupation: Do'nt need one I got my own Dough
Quote:I do'nt need no stinkin quote

Member Name: CAN ONG
Sex: Female
Marital Status: lesbian bitch, will f*ck for $
Computers: this one with the long sleek joystick
Hobbies: sticking things in my
cunt, fingers, vibrators, broom handles, bannannas, cucumbers, carrots, etc... then licking them
Occupation: lesbian prostitute, lesbianism, and more lesbo action, im me for a great time
Quote: i am thirsty to suck cunt, i have two fingers in my hole right now, im me, i am always horny

Member Name:RacHeL
Location: Any PLace bUt HerE
Sex: Male
Computers: a green one
Hobbies: Sucking dix,
Occupation: SEX
Quote: Suc My......................whateVer i HavE