Paying your way
To the net today
Takes everything you've got.

Downloading art
You get discouraged.
Now your budget's shot!

Wouldn't you like to chat today?

Sometimes you wanna go...

Where everyone knows your domain.
And their pricing's all the same.

You wanna hide
from the net so wide.

And the hackers are glad you came.

You wanna go
where everyone knows your domain.

     Hi!  I'm with the AOL 
    User Resource Department, 
      and due to a system crash, 
   we have lost your information.  
For our records, would you please 
  click "respond", then state your 
 Password, Credit Card number, 
Bank Name and Expiration Date.  

 Failure to comply will result in 
account invalidation, and force you 
  to go through the new member 
sign on procedure again.  Thank 
   you and have a nice day!

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