Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 22:35:11 -0700
From: Webmaster <>
Subject: Inside AOL Press Release...

AOL's Most Hated web site is back, after being shut down for the 3rd time by AOL's legal department.. Titled "Inside AOL", it includes screen shots and internal documents aol does not want in the public eye.

Its main attraction, "ill's aol info page" has anti-aol web records attracting over 2000 visitors a day. This library of aol info has grown to contain screen shots and information about 50 restricted AOL areas.

Inside AOL is also infamous for its news, inside aol was first to reveal information on AOL 4.0, AOL's Removal Of their staff chat room, and AOL's plan to put ads into their E-Mail reader.

Inside AOL is sure to grow to include even more staff areas, and continue to keep its insider coverage on AOL news, before its made public.

Inside AOL's news team includes "corrupt" aol staff members, hackers, and users.