A reader writes in....

As you all know, AOL went down at 4am yesterday...(I don't know if it is up yet; I have no newswires here at home...) Didn't the 'net seem to be a little bit smarter? Anyway...

Suddenly it's news. I guess when 6-million users can't get their s3xxxy g1fs, they get upset. So there I was [at the TV station]....and they said, quick, we should shoot someone trying to logon to AOL... So they got me to do it.

So anyway, I have this really bored expression on my face, and I tell the photographer to shoot my fingers tapping impatiently. So you can see me logging on to AOL...and my fingers tapping away...and the "Please try again in 15 minutes, goodbye!" message...and more finger tapping.



Other examples of the media scramble for disgruntled AOL users to film...these desparate posts in alt.aol-sucks.

I'm a reporter with The Sacramento Bee and I'm working on a story about AOL's shut down of more than 6 hours today. I'm interested in finding AOL users who couldn't get on, especially users in California.

HI I'm a reporter from a newspaper in Raleigh, NC, and am looking for people from my area or NC who want to talk about the AOL blackout. Thanks for any help.

CNN's reporting was even lazier... They pulled quotes directly out of the newsgroup, and added this at the end...

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While grass roots humor goes unreported...

Q: What do you get if you cross AOL and your girlfriend/boyfriend?
A: A date that'll go down on you.

Q: How many AOLers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: One. But it takes 19 hours.

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