AOL members reacted angrily to news that AOL would block members from paging Guides.

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 21:47:52 EST
Subject: New Guide Policy

The new guide policy at AOL is inexcusable. If AOL is an online "community," then why isn't enforcement available to everyone?

9-1-1 numbers across the country recieve thousands of non emergency calls, just as guide pagers may be bombarded with hundreds of non-violation pages. HOWEVER, 9-1-1 DOES NOT ARBITRAILARY BLOCK MOST OF THE NUMBERS FROM WHICH IT MAY RECIEVE CALLS. Also, no real-to-life community would accept if police officers only responded when they saw crimes in progress.

Secondly, if AOL is trying to be a "family"-oriented organization, why does this change exclude large portions of the family?

ALSO, THE ADULTS ARE THE ONES PAYING THE AOL BILLS, SO IF THEY ARE OFFENDED OR ATTACKED ONLINE WITH ONLY A "REPORT" BUTTON IN DEFENSE, NO AMOUNT OF KIDS' INFORMATION OR PROTECTION IS GOING TO KEEP THEM ONLINE. Trust me -- I know of people who have gotten around chat room "Ignores" and IM blocks, so, in some cases, guides are the only solution. Thank you for your time.