AOL subscribers paid an addition $35 to participate in AOL's "Fantasy Sports" leagues.

Unfortunately, comments from on-line message boards indicate gamers are less than satisfied with their experience...

"The series is finished, and I have no idea who won."

"Both my son and I were shocked at the last second decision made by someone to change the rules of the game... I spent some time explaining to my son why things like this happen, but even he didn't accept the fact that rules were changed at the last minute and couldn't believe that anyone would do such a thing..."

"I think that the NEW playoff Format was an absolute mockery."

"I had the best team in my league, with the best record. All of a sudden I lose 17 players from my team.."

"We had our playoff draft on Tuesday, and I set my lineup immediately following the draft. On Thursday, I checked out how my team was doing and saw 'No Starter' playing at every position...."

"If I had known this is how it would end up, I would have never signed and, and will not next year. You guys screwed up royally!"

"This whole experience with GSFS has been disgraceful."

"I think the playoffs are over for basketball, and I think I won, but to have absolutely no satisfaction out of it is probably the most frustrating thing of all."

"This was the worst fantasy sports fiasco in my 8 years of playing. The lack of response from GSFS Fantasy just made it worse. I will never play a GSFS game again and I am considering canceling AOL (member since 1990) since they are ultimately accountable for this mess."

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