An AOL Watch reader forwards the announcement below with this introduction:
"I am dumping AOL in the next couple of weeks. They are too #@$&ing much!"

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 00:29:58 GMT
From: Robin Nixon
To: All AOL/Eureka Subscribers

Dear Eureka! Subscriber,

It has come to our attention that it appears that AOL have taken the decision on all it's users behalf to block all your mailboxes from being able to receive the daily Eureka! news- letter that you have subscribed to. We are not totally sure that all readers are affected but have determined that 10s of thousands of you are.

This is a unilateral decision AOL has made, and they have yet to provide us with a reason for it. So far you may have missed 2 or more days of your free subscription due to this.

I am sure you will agree this is censorship of your personal and private email, which they have no right to do. If you do agree, have not seen Eureka! for a couple of days in your in- box, and would like to continue receiving it at your current AOL email account, please take a moment to contact AOL and protest this action. In the US You can call them toll free on 1-800-827-3338 or 1-800-827-6364, or you can email them at: --------------------------------->

- Robin Nixon
Director ABC-Web Ltd. & Innova Interactive Inc. Publishers of Eureka! and GayEureka!
PS: As a temporary measure you may like to know that you can get a FREE anonymous email account with which you can receive Eureka! at ---------->
Once you have your new email address you can then go to visit ------------------>
to set up your Eureka! subscription to the new email address.