Based on a song by Mott the Hoople

All The Young DOODZ

Stevie rapped all night about his Turboweb.
Sell alot of software but it's really in his head.
Speed jive
"Watch us thrive."
Back in '95.

But now we're stealin' 'words and cards from marks
And HAPPY's got certs from ripping off the sharks.
Gone to town
in the New Member Lounge.

Macromedia man is crazy, saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks.
But who needs "TVs 4 Steamy Net Sex"?
All the Warez doods
Carry the news
Hack-happy Dudes
Carry the news
Chronic got it mean
Cause they think that he's a queen
but we kick with his tools
It's a real mean team.
We can code
Yeah, we can code.

My brother's back at home with his BBS and phones
Never got it off on that Fidonet-ing stuff.
What a drag
Too many lags.

Stole alot of certs and they hate the snerts
gonna make their link go dead.

Is the mainframe down
or is it in your head?

All the Warez Doods
Carry the News
Hack-happy Doods
Carry the News

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