Looks like another dissatisfied customer on AOL...
I just thought that you might be interested in this. This is the way that content providers and partners react, when someone sends them E-Mail with less than favorable comments.

What prompted me to write to these people, in the first place was a pop-up announcement that offered a FREE credit report, for only $1.00.

I questioned them, as to whether they have subscribed to the Steve Case Dictionary. I went on to point out that the Steve Case Dictionary has re- defined the word UNLIMITED. And now also apparently, Mr. Case's next word was the word FREE.

That's pretty much what I wrote; and here's their letter, with my response:

Subj: Re: AOL Credit Alert Email
Date: 12/18/97
To: crealert@cuc.com

In a message dated 97-12-18 18:01:28 EST, crealert@cuc.com writes:

<< Dear Mr. Wild:

As I stated in 2 previous emails to you: This email address is for customer and members of AOL Credit Alert only. If you continue to fill our email box with these derogatory messages towards Steve Case, your screename will be referred to AOL's TOS. We are NOT an AOL phone center. You are not reaching Steve Case by sending us email. Please do not email us again unless you have a valid service related inquiry. >>

To whom it may concern:

Being that you asked me to stop sending you messages, I will. But I usually respond to Popups, since I checked not to receive them. But having an extensive law background, and an intense understanding of the terms and the conditions, set forth in America On Line's Terms of Service, I defy you to show me where I have violated AOL's TOS.

This is America, and in America, we have a democracy, and we have the first amendment. Unless I directly slander or in other means defame, demean or belittle someone, I am entitled to voice my opinion - Both in this country, and here, on America On line.

And to set the record straight, sir or madam, I didn't fill your E-Mail box; as I only sent one E-Mail to you, earlier today. So, unless you consider 1 or 2 E-Mails to be filling up your E-Mail box, please cease misrepresenting my actions. That, my friend is slander.

But if you think that I am wrong, maybe you should point out how, in a legal point of view.


I took American Express to court once. It cost me $37,000. It was over a $14.00 discrepancy. My family (my step father and my mother) have over a million dollars invested in AOL Portfolios.

If you want to go 1 - on - 1 with me, let me know. If I violate AOL's TOS, then let me know. But don't (I REPEAT) don't misrepresent that I have violated AOL's TOS, when it is clear that I didn't; and all that you are trying to do is to intimidate me.

Have a great holiday

Cliff Wild