Excerpt from Douglas Coupland's Microserfs, pg. 298

Mom was telling me about this conversation she heard between two people with Alzheimer's down at the seniors home where she volunteers:

A: How you doin'?
B: Pretty good. You?
A: How you doin'?
B: I'm okay.
A: So you're doing okay?
B: How you doin'?

I laughed, and she asked me why, and I said, "It reminds me of America Online chat rooms!" She demanded an example, so I gave her one:

A: Hey there
B: Hi, A.
A: Hi, B
C: Hi
B: Look, C's here.
A: Hi, C!
C: A+B=A+B
A: Gotta go
B: Bye, A
C: Bye, A
B: Poo
C: Poo poo

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