It's hard to keep track of all the content that's left AOL. AOL is quick to issue a press release when they arrive -- but silent when they exit. The gritty truth is they're disappearing, one by one. Wired, Atlantic, USA Weekend, Dow Jones News...gone!

Many just moved operations to the web, becoming accessible to non-AOL subscribers as well as the AOLers they left behind. AOL's claims of unique content ring hollow to many internet users, who already find more content on the web than there are hours in the day...

But AOL's content exodus is significant for another reason: it shows AOL's true intentions. After AOL's move to flat-rate pricing, they offered few incentives for the loyal partners who'd created their content. In addition, some reported AOL played hard- ball in negotiations, forcing them to leave AOL rather than pay expensive "rent" to retain their original position. Though Steve Case frequently promises users they're working to secure good, exclusive content, a long list of content-providers who've left the service offer silent testimony to an alternate scenario: AOL isn't willing to retain good content.

One by one, they'll let them slip away...

Dow Jones New Service
Velvet Rope
Sierra Online
Web Diner
Pictures of the World
Ambrosia software
USA Weekend
Neverwinter Nights
House of Blues

(This is only a partial list...)