For the last year, America Online has fought a freely-distributed program called AOHell, which allows would-be hackers unlimited free access to the system--in part, by exploiting AOL's free trial disks.

The program provides powerful add-ons to AOL software, but also exploits bugs in AOL's system to allow high-tech harrassing of users in chat rooms and via e-mail. In the documentation for AOHell, its creator explains why he wrote the program and its connection to AOL's hypocritical stance on child pornography.

            *******AOHell v3.0 Rage Against The Machine*******
		             Da Chronic 

            Part I    -------------------  What is AOHell?
            Part II   -------------------  The features in AOHell v3.0 
            Part III  -------------------  Is it safe to use AOHell?
            Part IV   -------------------  Why I made AOHell

Part I:  What is AOHell?

	AOHell is a Windows add-on program for the Windows America Online
software.  AOHell has many purposes.  Basically, it is used to annoy others,
get free service, and other things.  You can knock
people offline with it, you can Email bomb someone with it, and many other
things. You can use it to automatically reply to IMs that you receive, 
ignore IMs from certain, but not all people, and much more.  You can use
the Artificial Intelligence bot to greet people who enter the room, and
send other messages when certain things happen in the chat room.  You can
also use the AOHell Fake Account Creator to make fake AOL accounts quickly.
You can also use it to get other people's passwords and credit card 
information.  If you're an anarchist, or just hate AOL and want to fuck
them over, or if you just want to use the handy utilities mentioned above
this is the tool for you!  Rage Against The Machine...

Part II:  The features in AOHell v3.0


Normally, when you enter a Free area on AOL, it hides all the 'pay' windows
until you exit the free area.  Well, fuck that.  Just hit the "Free" button
on the AOHell menu and AOHell will UNHIDE all those pay windows, so you can
use them in a free area.  So you for example, if you wanted to read news-
groups for free, you would use keyword: newsgroups, then after the area
comes up, enter a free area.  (keyword: billing  for example).  Then, hit
the "Free" button on AOHell and it will bring back that area.  You can now
use it for free!   

Note:  You may not move any windows that have been unhid.  Doing so will
make the windows disappear again.  If this happens, just hit the "Free"
button again to bring them back.

Artificial Intelligence Bot

This feature is used to send messages to the chat room when certain 
'events' happen in it.  For instance, you can set it so that when a person
enters the room, they are greeted with a message.  You can also set it
so AOHell automatically sends a certain message when someone says certain
key words.  You can have it send message when people use profane language
and everything.  There are many events that can trigger responses from the
bot.  You can use the persons screen name in the message, by putting in
"{SN}" (without the quotes) in the message.  This tells AOHell to use that
persons screen name in the message it's responding to.  For example:

Click on the Check box that says "When someone uses profane language..."
and then click on the "Message" button.  Enter in this message:

"Listen {SN}, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't use language like 

Now, hit the OK button.  Now say for instance someone said this in the room

John362:     You all fucking suck, get a life you losers!

AOHell would see that the person used a profane word, and would then auto-
matically send the following message to the chat room:

"Listen John362, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't use language like

This is just one example.  There are many things you can have AOHell 
respond to.  Read the AOHELL.HLP file for complete instructions.

IM Manager

This can be used to auto-answer incoming Instant Messages, and also can
be used to ignore certain, but not all people.  Ever wanted to talk to
just one person, and wanted everyone else to leave you alone?  No problem!
Just set AOHell to auto-answer everyone except the person you're talking
to.  So when someone IMs you that you don't want to talk to, AOHell 
automatically responds to them, using the pre-set message you entered.
Say for instance, you chose that you only wanted to talk to "JonDoe1"
and wanted everyone else to get the auto-answer message.  And you clicked
the auto-answer message button, and entered in this message:

"Sorry, {SN}, but I'm really busy right now.  Email me later and I'll get
 back to you.  Thanks!"

Hit the OK button, then hit the OK button the IM Manager window.  Now let's 
say "Moron432" IMed you.  This is what would happen:

 >Instant Message From: Moron432

 Moron432:   Hi sexy! What size bra
             do you wear??

AOHell would automatically see that the IM wasn't from JonDoe1, and respond
to this Moron guy automatically with this message:

"Sorry, Moron432, but I'm really bust right now.  Email me later and I'll
 get back to you.  Thanks!"

You can also use the IM manager to just plainly ignore people.  For 
instance, say you just want to ignore all IMs except from JonDoe1.
When someone other than JonDoe1 IMs you, it's automatically destroyed
before you ever get the chance to see it.  You can also set it to ignore
certain people, as well as auto-answer only certain people.

Mail the Room

Hit this button, and AOHell will compose a new mail with the names of 
everyone who's in the room you're in. 

Multi-Task Chat Room

Ever wanted to talk in a chat room while working on something else?
Well now you can.  When you click on this, a mini-chat room appears
above AOL, that 'floats' above all other Windows. You can now minimize
AOL into an icon, and work on MS-Word or any other program while that 
tiny chat room is at the bottom, and you can see what's going on, and even
talk in the chat room all with AOL minimized!

Reset SN

Don't you just hate it when your account dies, and you need to re-install
AOL so you can get that "New User" screen name again, and make a new 
account?  Well no more fucking with that.  As long as one of your old
screen names was at least 7 characters long, you can reset your software
to "New User" at the touch of a button, instantly!  Just enter the screen
name that's already in the software, that you want replaced with "New User"
and hit "OK".  In a matter of seconds, your software is returned to 
"New User" and you're ready to make a new account!

AOHell Fake Account Creator v1.0

This program generates all the info you need, and makes you a fake AOL
account in under 20 seconds!  You don't even have to type anything, you
just click a couple buttons and within seconds you're ready to set your
screen name on the new fake account AOHell just made for you.  When you
start the AOHell Fake Account Creator, hit the "New User" button to reset
your software to the "New User" screen name (unless it already has the New
User screen name").  Then, click on the "Sign On" button on AOL, once
you're connected and at the screen where you enter your certificate number,
switch to the Account Creator and hit the "Generate All" button.  It will 
then generate all the info you need to make an account, include name, 
address, phone number, city, state, zip code, and a valid credit card number
with expiration date.  After it's done generating all the info, hit the
"Start" button and within seconds you're ready to make your screen name!
Read the AOHELL.HLP file for complete instructions.

Count Warez

Click this button and AOHell will count how many messages you have in your
mailbox instantly.

Guest Fix

This allows you to use the Download Manager, and Favorite Places features 
while on a Guest account.  Just enter the screen name to replace, and AOHell
will replace a screen name on your software with a NEW Guest screen name
which will allow you to do this.


A lot of times this will give the person an un-ignorable error and they will
have to reboot.  If it doesn't, it's still annoying as hell to the person 
and it will be impossible for them to do anything so they will most likely 
sign-off.  Punt works about 70% of the time if you're persistant.  But if 
the other person is stubbern you may not have much luck, because half of the
time it's the annoyance factor that makes them give up and sign-off.

Mail Bomb

Before you use this feature, you must hit CTRL + = on AOL, to bring up
the preferences menu.  Hit the "General" button to change the general
preferences.  Where it there's a checkbox that says "Close mail after it
has been sent" make sure that box is _NOT_ checked.  So it won't close 
mail after it has been sent.  You cannot use this feature without doing
doing that.  After you're done mailbombing, don't forget to go back and
change your preferences back before you use mass mail. It's very fast,
just enter the persons screen name, or email address and enter in a sub-
ject and message and hit "Begin".  A status window will appear showing
you the stats.

Mass Mail

Note: Make sure that if you've used the Mail Bomb feature, that you've 
      changed your preferences back so that your mail is CLOSED after it
      has been sent.  You can do this by hitting CTRL + = on AOL, to bring
      up the preferences window.  Then click on the "General" icon and 
      make sure the checkbox that says "Close Mail After It Has Been Sent"
      is _checked_, so that it will close your mail.

This  feature is basically here for all the warez d00dz..  You can forward
all your New Mail, all your sent mail, or all you read mail to dozens of
people very quickly.  It's very handy for people who have a lot of warez
on their accounts..  

Text Manipulation

You can make it appear someone said something they didn't say.  You just
enter the persons name, what you want them to say, and pick which WAOL
version you're using and hit the "Manipulate" button. 

Fix Mail

This feature is password protected, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
If someone Email bombs you, just use this feature.  It very quickly goes
through all your new mail and deletes everything as fast as possible.


I'm the one who found this trick years ago, now it's automated
in my program.  All you have to do is hit this button when you want to
download and chat at the same time.  


I wrote a text file on this trick back at the beginning of November.  In
AOHell, it's automized.  AOL doesn't care about the stupid text files I
write, they're worried when I write Moron-Friendly programs that any
AOL Idiot can use just by pushing the nice looking button. Anywayz, you
select the file you wish to download (or hit the download button on the
e-mail if there's an attached file) then pick the directory you want it
to be downloaded to and hit "OK".  Then immediately hit the "Free-L" button
and AOHell will put you in a FREE area before the download window appears.
After you're in the free area the download window pops up and you are NOT
charged for the time. (I wonder how long it will take for AOL to fix this )

Scrolling Bot

Enter up to 5 different lines you want to scroll, and how many seconds 
AOHell should pause before scrolling the next line.  AOHell will scroll
this until you stop it.  The best part about this feature is that you can
set it to re-enter the room you're in every X amount of seconds so the
people who have put you on ignore no longer have you on ignore.  While if
you're actually paying for AOL, you probably won't have much use for 
this, but if you're on a fake account and you wanna bash the faggots
or cause some chaos in private room "GIF" just set this to re-enter the
room every so often and leave your computer on and go to bed. :)


Very simple feature.. Just blanks the chat area screen.  Good for when
there are a lot of people talking and you want to be heard.


Hit this button (make sure the cursor was focused in the chat area send box
before hitting this button) and it will scroll an ascii picture of a hand
with the middle finger raised.  This picture takes up the entire chat
room screen.


Enter how many sides, and how many dice throws, and how many times you
want AOHell to scroll the dice (or you can select random) and AOHell will
violently scroll throwing dice..  Completely ruins a room, impossible for
anyone to talk while this is going on.  Make sure you leave and re-enter
the room every so often to reset all the people who had you on ignore.


This is ZooPs Elite talker. While not very elite, it's still kewl anyway,
and gets on people nerves.. So it serves its purpose.  What it does is
change whatever you type into their upper ascii equivelents.  (weird
symbols and shit)


This loads up Rizz and I's Windows credit card number generator.


Enter the person you want to shoot and AOHell scrolls an ascii picture
of a 38 pointing to a stick figure with the name of the person you wanted
to shoot above it's head.  Very annoying, and amusing.

Get Cursor

Hit this button when the cursor is stuck on the hourglass on AOL.  Just
move the cursor over the AOHell program and hit the button.  


Open up a text file, then hit "Send".  AOHell dumps the entire text file
onto the chat area screen.  


Very quickly scrolls up to 3 different lines.  Set it to scroll as many
times as you want.

Room Buster (Bust In)

Use this feature to get into a room that is full (private rooms as well).
AOHell will repeatedly try to enter that room over and over very quickly
until it has successfully entered.

Fake Forward

This feature is used to send a fake forwared message to someone.  You can
send mail to someone to make it look like you're forwarding mail someone 
sent to you, even though they didn't. make it look like "TOSAdvisor" emailed
you, and said something like "Hi, I'm gay!  Me and Steve get it on together."
Or anything you want.  You can make it look like someone cussed you out in 
an email and send it to TOS so they cancel that person's account. :)

Phrase Manager

This is a macro program that Rizzer made.  You can make macros and save them
then have AOHell dump them into a chat room.

CC/PW Fisher

Open the People list of some room like "New Member Lounge", then on AOHell,
select the Phrase you want to use, then hit "Start".  AOHell will IM every-
one in that room pretending to be AOL staff, asking for their PW or their
credit card information (which ever you told AOHell to do)  Make sure you
goto File|Logging on AOL and choose "Session" logging, open up a file you
want the info to go to, then click on the "Log Instant Messages" box before
you start the Fisher.   

**ATTENTION** Please read the AOHELL.HLP file for complete instructions 
              before using the Fisher!  It includes vital information you
              need to know before you use this feature!


This is great for Email, or any other text you want encrypted.  You enter
what you want encrypted in the box, then enter a password and hit the
encrypt button.  Only people who have the password and AOHell v2.0 (beta 5)
or higher, can decrypt the text.

Quick FTP

Instead of having to scroll though tons of bullshit windows to get to an
FTP site, just enter the FTP site you want to go to and hit the "Connect"
button.  You also have a favorite sites list, add and delete as many site
addresses as you want.  Then simply double-click on their name to connect
to them.

Part III:  Is it safe to use AOHell?

AOHell is completely safe to use in private rooms.  TOS can do very little
to control what you do in private rooms.  Member and Public rooms are 
another matter..  You need to watch out for Guides, if they think you're
using AOHell to annoy people they won't hesitate to have your account
cancelled.  If a Guide isn't in the room, you don't have to worry about it.

It cannot be 'detected' that you're using AOHell.  So it's safe to downchat,
free-load, and other things because AOL has NO WAY of knowing that you're
using the AOHell program to do those things. 

Oh, by the way.  After you punt some people and get a warning in the mail
from TOS about violations, I suggest you don't punt anymore people using
that account, or it will most likely get cancelled. (best to use fake 
account anyway)

Part IV:  Why I made AOHell

The reason I wanted to make this program is because I hate just about
everyone on AOL. (yes, that probably means YOU) I'm sick of all the 
faggots, and I'm sick of all the God damn pedophiles.  Every other Member
room is named something like "Daddy's girl", "young boy pix", "M4M",
"M4MCOPS", "K9FUN", "M4M AARDVARK FANTASIES", etc.. (just kidding on the 
latter :) I even saw a room named "Boy4Man2Rape" one day and I decided I 
had enough. AOL constantly closed the "Hackers" Member room, but refuses
to do anything about all the pedophilia rooms. I once IMed TOSAdvisor and
asked him why he closes the Hacker room, but does not close the kiddie porn
rooms.  He did not reply, instead he cancelled my account.  I guess we see
where AOL's priorities lye.  If AOL is going to do nothing about this type
of sick behavior then I will do everything I can to screw AOL up..  I think
having 20,000+ idiots using AOHell to knock people offline, steal passwords
and credit card information, and to basically annoy the hell out of every-
one is a good start. 

             -Da Chronic

               *******AOHell v3.0 Rage Against the Machine*******
                               Da Chronic

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