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From: "R.L.Brown"
Newsgroups: alt.aol-sucks
Subject: Re: Washington Post: AOL Lawyer charged in sexual assault on 11-year old boy
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 23:35:59 -0500

Art Stone posted the URL to The Washington Post story about an AOL lawyer charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a youngster:

> http://washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1997-06/06/093L-060697-idx.html

However, it might be enlightening to juxtapose both sides of the issue....

Steve Case, Community Update, June 6, 1997:

The core of AOL is the people who use it, so we have a responsibility to help foster and enrich the online community. Our experience has proven that this medium has an unprecedented ability to build vibrant communities made up of individuals around the world who share similar interests or passions.

The Washington Post, June 6, 1997:
A lawyer for America Online Inc. -- charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old Loudoun County boy at a pond last week -- went there after exchanging AOL e-mail with another boy who said he would be there that afternoon, the sheriff's department said yesterday.

Steve Case:
AOL is joining with the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children to create a kind of "Electronic Milk Carton" -- in the form of an alert on AOL -- the moment a major national search is launched. The first 36 hours are often the critical time period for locating a missing child, and we hope that alert will prompt leads. In addition, we're creating a "Kids Watch" program in our Digital City area, posting photos and information about missing local children.

The Washington Post:
Investigators said they identified Andrew Lewis Singer, 28, after learning of the online exchange and tracing it to him. Authorities said Singer used the screen name "DCBOY83" to trade AOL "instant mail" with a teenager one afternoon last week, then drove from AOL headquarters in Dulles to the pond in Ashburn Farm.

Steve Case:
One of the first issues that requires urgent attention is ensuring that the Internet online experience of families, and particularly children, is both rewarding and safe. The fact is, this medium is going to shape -- and be shaped by -- today's kids.

The Washington Post:
After meeting the teenager there, officials say, Singer asked him about the 11-year-old fishing across the small lake, and then went over to him. After starting a conversation, Singer allegedly put his hand in the boy's pants and fondled him before walking away.

Steve Case:
This fall, we plan to host a conference with representatives of the online industry and parents groups, child safety groups, educators and law enforcement to address the critical issues associated with making the Internet online experience rewarding and safe for families and children.

The Washington Post:
Tricia Primrose, AOL spokeswoman, would not say whether Singer's status as an AOL employee gave him access to information about subscribers, such as lists of children who use AOL "chat rooms" meant only for young people.

End of food-for-thought juxtapositioning.

Rick Brown RLBrown-at-ibm.net

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