An AOL Watch reader sends the following story...

For a while we had an AOL account. After deciding that it sucked, we called the number to cancel our account.

We must of tried 20 times and got no answer.

Finally, we got sick of calling that number and called the number to create an account. Someone answered instantly.

We told them that we wanted to cancel our account and we couldn't get through to do so. We were quite angry, and he must have noticed because he agreed to make sure it was canceled. For three months afterwards, we didn't hear from them. Then, suddenly, charges from AOL started apearing on our MasterCard.

We kept calling MasterCard, and tried to tell them that we didn't have AOL any more and that we had canceled our account. Some of the times we ended up paying, and others times they dropped the charges. But, we couldn't get them to stop billing us for AOL. We got sick of it, cancelled our MasterCard account, and started a new one.

We were fine, again, for a few months. Then, we started getting more charges. Then we decided to give up on MasterCard, and call AOL. Their "sales representative" who was also an idiot told us that we had re-activated our account through a telemarketer call.

That, of-course didn't compensate for the dropped charges! Anyways, AOL is the biggest collection of sleazy bastards that I ever have seen. They are worse that the IRS.