Are people this stupid? Maybe, if they're doing whatever Steve Case wants. But when AOL bought Time-Warner, it also gained the ability to coerce people.

Tickets went on sale for Madonna's 2001 concert, but AOL announced they wouldn't let anyone buy them unless they were new AOL subscribers. Then, you'd have to be a current AOL user. Only later would non-AOLers be given a chance to purchase any tickets that were left.

Dozens of cartoonists warned against letting AOL buy Time-Warner. As soon as the merger was approved, consumers found AOL exploiting it for leverage. Whether it's the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or Mad magazine, AOL owns it. Bugs Bunny or the movie Casablanca? AOL owns them too. And don't expect Superman or Batman to come to the rescue. They're now Steve Case's personal property. Surprised that CNN reporting about this. Maybe because AOL owns them, too.