AOL owns everything. Batman, Harry Potter, Ocean's 11 - you name it. This dangerously large corporation actually purchased the title of a Hollywood film -- You've Got Mail. Analysts estimated AOL paid $3 million to hijack the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan love story, turning it into an ad for AOL.

But the film crew fought back. When Tom Hanks accesses his AOL-branded mailbox, and finds that first email from Meg Ryan (with the subject "Hi Friend") - it's accompanied by two pieces of spam.

AOL got their revenge. Within two years, they'd acquired not just the title of the film, but the entire Warner Brothers production company.

But by then Hollywood had figured out how slow AOL's email was, too. George Clooney and Nicole Kidman spend at least an hour waiting for an AOL email to arrive with the location of a stolen nuclear weapon.

AOL-friendly movies may be the only thing you can watch in the future. New legislation threatens to pull the plug on the internet as we know it, replacing it with a system where AOL gives first priority only to media companies that they approve of. (Or who pay THEM money!) As Congress considers this legislation, the only hope lies in this plucky band of rebels at Save The Internet .com