The truth is out there... Steve Case will tell you customers stay with AOL because they like its stripped-down e-mail client and advertisements. But others suspect AOL's users just don't know any better. One net journalist discovered a hidden sentiment about AOLers. They "couldn't get a clue if they stood in a clue field in clue mating season, dressed as a clue, and drenched with clue pheromones."

Are they right? Even AOL Guides are mocking whiny AOL subscribers behind their back. One user left the service -- but used his AOL web space to create a warning to other AOLers!

Why is AOL so unpopular? And why carry that to people who use AOL? Geek concerns about encroaching corporate powers may be justified. Is a conspiracy the only thing we have to fear? The truth is out there.... <BGSOUND SRC="x2f.mid">