Suck on the class action settlement

Did you get yer two refunds?

Newsweek opposes settlement

Boardwatch opposes settlement

Robert Seidman opposes settlement

The proposed settlement laid bare

Class Action wall

A Bold Return

Class Action will fall!

Settlement opposed in InfoWorld

America Offline's coverage

Your heirs waive rights too
Class action news: Who is Mr. Croak?
A plaintiff bails!

Class Action documents:

Lawrence Schonbrun's objection
The original class action
AOL publishes legal notice
Plaintiff's Memorandum
Settlement Notice
Notice of Motion
The proposed settlement

Bikini suit settled for $15.00?

News Coverage:

AOL Untrustworthy
Robert Seidman reviews billing
"Valued at $1.00" -- C|NET
"...has come under scrutiny" -- SF Examiner "Preliminary approval" -- PC Week
Class action: One-year cycle

Post-hearing links: Local TV outraged
Local press sympathetic
Small victories
Did we win?
C|Net on AOL verdict
Lewis Carroll on AOL trial
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