One AOL Watch reader sends this dispatch...

Well Wednesday Oct. 29 is really fun. Trying to log on is like trick or treating in a bad neighborhood
  • First you have to try to knock at the door, but you can't find it (busy signals).

  • Then when you do find your way to the door, you knock and knock till your knuckles are bleeding (can't connect to AOLnetwork)

  • As you are about to give up, you finally get what you think is an answer to your constant knocking -- only to have the door slammed shut in your face by the mean homeowner. ("System busy, please try again in 15 minutes.")

  • So, you try to get some treats in 15 minutes, 20, 30, 60...... but you still get that mean homeowner slamming the creaky door in your little innocent face.

    At last, the door is opened and you get to say your long awaited sentence, "trick or treat" only to get tricked once again by not getting much in the way of treats (cant read mail, cant check mail, cant use the net.) Now it is time to give up and go to the cool house next door (AOLWATCH) and have sweets (revenge).