An AOL Watch reader who was improperly billed responds to the May 11 edition of the AOL Watch newsletter....
Even though AOL eventually credited my account with the $84.48 they stole from me (after a 6 week hassle with their billing reps), I will NEVER use AOL again. Steve Case blocked my e-mail from going to him, and that is reason enough for me to conclude that he cares nothing about AOL members, only about how much money he can steal from them for the poor service he provides. This guy and his lying reps ought to be boiled in oil.

I get sick to my stomach when I see an AOL commercial on TV. They are the biggest bunch of lying scumbags in America today. Not only that, but their technical people often can't answer very simple questions, and their billing people are rude, rude, rude!

I dream of the day when this unethical giant will fall from his perch and be broken into millions of tiny pieces. AOL is the very worst thing that has ever happened to cyperspace and the American business community.

Unfortunately, insult still had to be added to injury...

When I checked my mail a few minutes ago I found this bright orange packet in my mail box. Guess what it contained? A floppy from AOL (good for 50 free hours) with this message: "Come Back and See The New America Online" (I almost puked.) "See What We've Added!" it said.
        * NEW Faster Internet Experience
        * NEW Eye-catching re-design
        * NEW Immediate response - less waiting.
        * NEW Exciting e-mail options.
        * NEW More choices, more information, more fun!
On the other side of the packet it said:
        COME BACK!  See What's NEW!
        * More Access Numbers
        * Your revolutionary FREE 50 hour trial
        * Free Software Included
        * Free 24-hour help
        * New Channel Line-Up
They failed to mention their lack of integrity, their frequent system failures, the difficulty members experience while trying to gain access during peak times, their poor technical support, their arrogance and high pressure tactics when dealing with their members, etc.

Regardless of their ads I still believe AOL SUCKS!!

~Charlie in Oklahoma City~

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