On December 12, an AOL Watch reader told us the following story...
I read your AOLWatch the other day that described the "Santa Claus" message boards, so decided to check that area out. I saw a feature where kids could write to Santa, so I decided to test it out. The following is the actual email response I got, with my original letter to Santa at the end.

Enjoy...this is funny!

Subj: Letters to Santa
Date: 97-12-11 17:04:22 EST
From: SantaClaus

Merry Christmas!!

Thanks for letting me know what you want this year! I always find getting letters like yours extremely helpful, since it helps to give me a better idea of what you and other kids just like you want for Christmas. Have you let your parents know too? Parents often send letters to Santa as well (to help me get the perfect gift for you!)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Have a happy holiday!

Note: the below is the actual letter I wrote and the one to which the above writer is responding:

Dear Santa,

While you're at Steve Case's house this Christmas Eve, would you mind beating him about the head and neck with a blunt instrument? And then tell him that help is currently unavailable and to try back later?

Oh yeah, and I want a Tickle Me Elmo, too. Thanks.

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