From: Ed Ruane
Subject: Re: Gene Steinberg slanders a.a-s in Time
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 15:19:51 -0500
Organization: CyberComm Online Services

On 13 Mar 1996, billy wrote:

> Gene reminds me of a conspiracy nut - I'm suprised the article did'nt
> mention the "Cabal"
> The article cracked me up - signing up someone for multiple mailing lists
> - how CLASSIC.

I thought that article was the dumbest article I've seen in Time for quite a while. There's no reason to write an article about this dumbass who gets his mailbox flooded... Hell, they couldn't even get the name of this newsgroup right: Just another example of how the media has no idea what the Internet is, or how to utilize it correctly.

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From: The Toe
Subject: Re: Gene Steinberg slanders a.a-s in Time
Date: 16 Mar 1996 19:16:06 GMT
Organization: Water Rat Brewery (Gary Kirchherr) wrote:
>Hey all,
>Pick up the March 18 of Time magazine and turn to page 77. The
>"Technology" article there is about an e-mail bomb that targeted 36
>addresses, including our old friend Gene "Peace" Steinberg.
>Gene tells Time he's "convinced that he made the hit list because he
>publicly defended America Online on a Usenet newsgroup called
> [sic]."
>Too bad Gene didn't say, or Time didn't print, the rationale behind that
>conclusion. I'd love to know what it is. Gene, if you're still lurking
>about, perhaps you'd care to share your insight with the rest of us.
Like other trolls before him, Gene doesn't have the balls to come in here and defend statements he made to the press concerning this newsgroup. He knows he's full of shit, and that we'll prove he's full of shit. If a member of the press should happen to lurk here, and see just how full of shit Gene is, it would bruise his ego beyond repair. Peace my ass. Gene sucks.

>"There is a type of personality that needs to be abused by
>authority, who needs to be censored, that enjoys this crap."
>    -The legendary DAwn McGatney, commenting on America Online

The Toe

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