AOL claims they're state-of-the-art technology -- but internet culture thinks different. The latest piece of on-line folk-humor from Joke-A-Day shows widespread cynicism.
If AOL Made Cars...
The AOL car would have a top speed of 40 mph yet have a 200 mph speedometer.

The car would often refuse to start and the owners would just expect this and try again later.

Anyone dissatisfied could return the car but must continue to make payments for 6 months.

The windshield would have an extra dark tint to protect the driver from seeing better cars.

The AOL car would have an AOL cell phone that can only place calls to other AOL cell phones.

Anytime an AOL car owner saw another AOL car owner he would wonder M/F/Age?

AOL cars would come with a steering wheel and AOL would claim no other cars had them.

Every time you close the door on the AOL car it would say "good-bye."